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avatar Izabela Chmiel   /   5 września 2017   /   0 minut

Sending emails and responding to them may be most time-consuming activities you do at work. Next time you sit in front of your computer and open your inbox, think about the following points.

1. Has the weekend already started? Is it late at night? Respect your colleagues' and business partners' free time and make sure they do the same with yours. Unless it is a catastrophe, you can wait with it until Monday.

2. Use the proper and correct language - and it is not something only non-native speakers need to work on. Think about a few major factors that should influence the style and formality of your email. Is the hierarchy important in your company? Will you not distance your business partner from yourself if the email is too formal? Answers to these questions will be quite different in different countries and international companies. Corresponding with Japanese business partners or within company's structures will be much more formal (especially if you speak Japanese and need to use honorific speech - 敬語️) than in an Australian company where hierarchy is not that significant. It is important to make sure you show enough respect your addressee, but do not build a wall made of conventionality.


3. Ask yourself if you do not spend too much time reading and responding to emails that do not enrich your work and business. Maybe there is quite a few types of emails which someone else could handle.

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